Centra in Boca Raton, FL

Light, bright and fresh, Centra is offering today’s home buyer something totally new.

During a tour of the three new furnished models at Centra (two more will open before the end of season), Gary Clement, Centra’s community builder, turned to me and said, “Everything is bright here — the light coming in from the oversized windows, the paint, the fresh concept — you just have to smile when you’re here.”

And I did – for those and lots of other reasons, too.Centra in Boca Raton, FL

Gone are the darker, more Mediterranean colors that were once so popular — replaced here with a lighter, more refreshing palette. Think citrus yellow, sherbet green and mod orange.

“People want something that’s high energy yet clean and crisp,” Clement says.

Fun, tropical lifestyle reflected

The names of all five designs — Citrus, Papaya, Mango, Kiwi and Guava — reflect the fun, tropical lifestyle that will be found at Centra, with innovation to spare.

“We worked really hard to come up with concepts and details that are really fresh and current,” Clement says. “You can’t find these designs anywhere. It’s important to provide people with a compelling reason to buy.”

Working with Boca Raton–based acclaimed architect Mitch Kunick, the entire Centra team develops and implements innovative ideas, such as providing spa-like storage space under master bathroom vanities; making use under staircases for storage and/or unique display and furniture niches; creating office nooks to make the best use of all available space; and more.

Another reason to smile is the incredible success that Centra has continued to enjoy since my first visit to the forward-thinking community last spring.

“We’re very, very excited and have exceeded all expectations. Due to the accelerating sales, we had to pick up construction activity,” Clement says. “We have six new buildings under construction and will be starting a minimum of one more each month. Everything is proceeding on or ahead of schedule.”

There have been 32 sales so far, with seven actual closings — pretty impressive since the models have only been officially open since January 29. When complete, the community will have 191 new unites plus seven that were in place when Stiles Corporation and Label & Co. Developments, Inc. purchased the property. Stiles Company has been an industry leader since 1951 and is responsible for more than 37 million square feet of office, industrial, retail and mixed-use residential projects. Harry Posin, the former president of a major Florida builder that was responsible for 20,000 homes in the last 25 years, leads Label & Co. Developments.

Citrus model big on style

At 1,887 total square feet, the Citrus may be the smallest of the models, but it lives large, with details you definitely wouldn’t expect at this price point. For starters, it has the largest garage, including ample side space for storage and/or a workbench.

“There also is a really huge granite island,” Clement says. “Something of this size is typically only seen in luxury homes.”